Forlorn.of.thee (fa'lo:n ŭv thē), p, my only strength and stay,forlorn of thee, whither shall I betake me, where subsist?
Paradise Lost by John Milton

Monday, April 21, 2008

More - 2 days in Paris

On blow jobs and ex-lovers.....

Marion: Well, we met many years ago and we had a little thing, I think I gave him a blow job. No big deal.

Jack: A blow job is no big deal?

Marion: Oh I’m sorry. I mean it’s no big deal in comparison to what’s going on in the world. You know, there’s George Bush, there’s the war in Iraq, there’s avian flu and there’s a blow job. You know what I mean, it’s like consideration.

Jack: Nice transition.

Marion: It’s a pretty minor event don’t you think?

Jack: Yea, I would say it’s not a minor event, if you want to start talking in the grander political scheme of things, if you think about it, I mean it was a blow job after all that brought down America's last chance at a healthy democracy so…


Jack: Are you friends with all your ex’s?

Marion: I’m friends with some of my ex, you know most of them…..


Marion: You’re not friend’s with any of your ex’s?

Jack: No.

Marion: Really? I didn’t know that about you.

Jack: When it was over, it was over.

Marion: So if we broke up, you would not like to see me ever again?

Jack: No, if I ran into you, I wouldn’t avoid you. But I wouldn’t go out of my way to hang out with you. No.

Marion: So that means, you don’t think I’m a likeable person outside of our relationship?

Jack: Yea, basically.

Marion: That’s interesting, but you know I like you. I would like to be your friend when we break up, whenever we break up, if we break up…. I would like you even if we were not together…