Forlorn.of.thee (fa'lo:n ŭv thē), p, my only strength and stay,forlorn of thee, whither shall I betake me, where subsist?
Paradise Lost by John Milton

Friday, January 4, 2008

A little silliness...

... to welcome 2008. Discovered this site called Quiz Galaxy, and their top quizes:

What will your obituary say?
What will your epitaph say?

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year !


Loving Annie said...

Young Werther,
That was a funny tombstone !!! heh-heh.

Loving Annie said...

Havn't heard from you in a while - no new post. Hope that you are okay !

Young Werther said...

Hi Annie, I'm fine, thank you. Just caught up at work.

Lavender said...

Hey YW - those are pretty funny, nice to have a laugh - Hope youre well and enjoying the summer :) said...

Thanks. I wish you a happy holiday as well.

You must have spare time to come up with that headstone. Good one.